Jen Slayden, Realtor
Jen Slayden, Realtor


I am so grateful to live in the Missoula community. I grew up in Montana, and graduated from the U of M, where I met my husband Mark. Missoula has provided our three children a village of wonderful families, educators, recreational opportunities, and fine arts that we value so much.

When I got into Real Estate, I knew I wanted to carry on the tradition of philanthropy my father instilled in me. As both a University professor and home builder he taught me and my siblings the importance of service to your community. Main Street Realty was the perfect platform to supports that mission I wanted as a Realtor. I am thrilled to offer my Real Change program that dedicates a generous amount of my Real Estate commissions to be given back locally to organizations of my clients’ choice. To date, I have been able to support over a dozen non-profits, many more than once!

My background as a teacher, life coach, and musician enable me to find creative and caring ways to support clients who choose to pick me as their Realtor. I love working with people of all ages and backgrounds, but have a special affinity towards first time home buyers and the senior population. I have my designation as a Senior Residential Specialist as I have taken the journey of helping my own parents age in place, then ultimately move out of the home they build when it became necessary.

In my free time, I enjoy playing music of a variety of genres-from being a member of Manik Harum Indonesian orchestra, to playing bluegrass cello with my young adults, to singing old time music at nursing homes around town. I love fly fishing, hiking, hanging with the dog, creating art in many forms, and drinking good coffee to keep me awake through it all.

From a Seller:
“Jen did the unlikely. She joined me on the journey. It was “our” deal and not once did I feel alone. Selling my home was very stressful and there were lots of ups and downs. Jen was there the entire time, right next to me and I feel that is what made the difference. Even though it was a business transaction and all that, Jen was my “private” support and also a friend. I’m a single person and was worried about selling my house and being an island in the process, navigating impersonal contractual gobbledigook and being with a robot real estate agent. So not the case with Jen. She is authentic and that is the whole thing right there. It would not have worked any other way. I TRUSTED Jen. And she had my back. Highly recommended.”

From a Buyer:
“Jen helped us through our first home buying experience. After looking at multiple properties, we ended up unexpectedly decided on purchasing a new construction project. This started in negotiations with the builders and their representatives, which was a long and complex process with many decisions that we had to make from a very uninformed and inexperienced position, and a lot of back and forth with the builders to get a clear agreement on what we wanted the house to be. Jen was right there with us the whole time, very responsive in her communication, proactive with helping us find information and answers, and well supported by her realty company’s expertise when situations came up that were outside of her experience or knowledge base. The building process took 6 months. Jen kept up the communication with us and helped keep pressure on the builders to move it along when things looked like they were stalled out or issues came up with modifying the contract. We highly recommend Jen as a solid ally in purchasing a home!”

From elderly clients who needed to downsize:
“Jen is professional, honest , hardworking and sincere. It is our opinion that you would have a hard time finding a better, more caring person to help you in buying or selling real estate.”


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